GRADE 1 & 2


In Three movements:
  I. SUN in C 
II. Rain in Dflat
III. Wind in Eflat 

Commissioned by
Daniel J. Van Abs for The Eastern Wind Symphony, 
Princeton New Jersey, Todd Nichols, Conductor In Memory of Patricia Page Van Abs

Premiers June 9, 2018 by the Eastern Wind Symphony,
Todd Nichols Conducting, Princeton University, New Jersey.

Premiers July, 2018, The Musashino Academia,
Ray E. Cramer Conducting, Tokyo, Japan.

Performance October 23, 2018 by the University of North Texas Symphonic Band,
Dennis Fisher Conducting, Denton, Texas.

Each Movement CAN stand alone and be performed seperately as well as all at once.
You may purchase individual movements or the entire symphony by Fall, 2018.
CHROME browser will auto start all 3 files at once - please PAUSE all three.

link to  I. Sun in C

link to II. Rain in Dflat

link to III. Wind in Eflat

Twister in E-Flat =)

Symphony No. 5 Elements *Foreword*: 

When I was kid, I always had a job. My family didn't have much money so there were plenty of chores
but no allowance. If I wanted something I had to make the money myself and buy it. I spent all my
money on music. Printed music, record albums, headphones and record player needles. I would turn out
the lights, put on headphones and listen to entire symphonies late into the night while laying on the
floor, eyes closed letting the music take me to wondrous places. Beethoven, Mozart, Mahler, Holst,
Mussorgsky, Sibelius, Saint-Saëns, Strauss, Tchaikovsky, Berlioz and Rossini were my travel guides.
When I sat down to write Symphony No. 5, my goal was to take people to wondrous inner places.
Holst's “The Planets,” and Mussorgsky's “Pictures at an Exhibition” were 2 of my favorite works, like
painting pictures with music. I wanted to do the same thing with my 5th symphony. Those two works
were quite masculine with strong, hard musical edges. I wanted to do something more feminine. I think
we have the name Mother Nature and not Father Nature for that reason. Nature doesn't have hard,
masculine edges. Everything is fluid, parts of a greater force, like a natural, endless reincarnation which
is as feminine as birth.
Symphony No. 5 is my attempt at creating a work worthy of listening to in the dark, letting music take
you on a tour of the inner sanctums of Mother Nature. To describe with notes and phrases how the Sun
feels on your skin, the loneliness of a 10 billion year life and the power of sustaining life here on Earth.
To drench the listener with Rain. It's beauty, its destruction, its melancholy, wrapped up in everything
living on earth. An inner journey of the water inside everything. Finally, the Wind; It's power,
unpredictability, it's life taking forces or when it as soft as a sensual breeze, caressing a sweat covered
body. To whirl into a twister only to blow itself out and to weave it's essence musically with Sun and
Symphony No. V “Elements” is a journey within Mother Nature, a journey inside ourselves. When
you have a chance, I hope you will listen to this work, with headphones, in the dark, with Mother
Nature, and with the other natural, magical force; music.

Contra Bassoon is Absolutely required and is scored for it without many cross cues.
Contra Alto in Eb OR Contrabass Clarinet in Bb is Absolutely required and is scored for it with no cross cues.
EIGHT percussionists including Timpani are absolutely required. FOUR players should be highly qualified for melodics.
PIANO is absolutely required and should be highly efficient as the part is of proffessional level.