This is a programmatic piece based on the legend told in the Ozark Mountains in Arkansas. The legend is based on the disappearance in 1940 of two children who had heard old stories, and went to the mountain to meet the angels believed to live in the clouds that hang above Mena Mountain.

"According to that legend, the children, having heard old stories, set out to meet the angels, who were believed to live in the clouds that hang in the sky above Mena Mountain. As the work opens, the sun is rising over the mountain top with the main theme representing the power of the mountain itself. The children begin their climb up the mountain. They continue climbing and begin to tire just as they reach the cloud line. The two wander through the foggy morning air and just as they are about to turn back, the mist clears and before them stand 200 white-robed angels, singing and playing golden instruments. The angels call out, entreating the children to join them. As the children walk on the clouds toward the host, a jeweled crown is placed on each child’s head, then they accompany the angels up to heaven. As the piece closes, the clouds rise and float slowly out of sight leaving Mena Mountain as it was before.” JG

Mystery on Mena Mountain

Grade 3       Duration 4:45
Southern Music Company

GRADE 1 & 2