GRADE 1 & 2

6.5 million companion animals enter animal shelters every year and 2.4 million of these adoptable animals are put down. These numbers do not include the thousands who suffer in silence. Thanks to thousands of caring people, these numbers are steadily decreasing but we still have a long way to go. This work is dedicated to all all those who work hard in the fight to end puppy mills, to rescue suffering pets and to provide care and medical attention to all those rescued. It is dedicated to those companions who get rescued and for those whose rescue never comes.
We are all shepherds. Every living creature is in our care. Hopefully mankind will someday uphold his responsibility and become caretaker of all living things on earth. Maybe some day all humans will be humane and mankind will be kind.

The pictures of the rescued animals belong to people who are my friends on Facebook. Apparently, I keep great company when it comes to people who rescue & adopt animals who have been cast away. My own rescues are also in the photos.The published score will feature these beautiful rescues in full color.

Notes to the Conductor
From measures 1-31 and  45 to the end, this work is to be performed with NO breathing or breaks on bar lines and that ALL breaths should occur in a staggered, unnoticed fashion. ALL lines are doubled up enough that breathing should never be noticed or break phrases. The entire work should have the feeling of a seemless, living voice paying special attention to all dynamic and tempo markings. It should live and breath with shaped phrases. This work should sound like seamless emotions in motion.

Our Cast Aways
"For Those who rescue,  Those who get rescued and
especially for Those whose rescue never comes."

Commissioned by the Bednarcik, Plank,
Murphy, Thompson and Traughber
Junior High School Bands of  School District
#308, Oswego, Il, Rachel Maxwell, Coordinator. 
Performance by the Lone Star Youth Winds
Julie Giroux conducing.   May 13, 2018